About Aspen Antlers

Aspen Antlers is a collection of functional art made from upcycling found antlers that naturally shed in the wild from deer and elk each year. In conjunction, I add layers of Aspen tree in the handle of knives paying homage to this quaint little town.

All works of art are made from antlers found not by animals hunted.

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History of Aspen Antlers

Born in New Mexico from spanish farm owners that hunted, I never really got the chance to forge with my family. Unless you consider picking up apples in a wooden bucket a manly experience. After moving and growing up in Phoenix, Arizona I decided to quit my 9 to 5 working insurance in search of the Aspen Extreme Dream. I arrived in Colorado in 2013 and quickly turned to the outdoors as a reprieve from the everyday city life I had yearned to get away from.

After skiing my heart out for 5 years straight, a now good friend named Preston took me for a hike and said we are looking for antlers that dropped this spring. After 4 days of finding nothing and miles hiked in terrible terrain, I found my first shed and was hooked.

Hunting, fishing, and picking up antlers became a way of life for me to be outdoors, get exercise, and enjoy the fruits of my labor. My recently deceased uncle who served 30 years in the US Navy urged me to make a knife for myself.

After a couple months of pondering I made the leap of faith and spent the money to buy the tools to make the knife. It all started as a fun project but quickly turned into a niche marketplace that I have come to embrace.

Everything about Shed Hunting

A “shed” is an antler that naturally falls off of a male deer, elk or moose, as winter comes to an end. The male eats all summer to grow his antlers/build up his strength to fight and mate during the rut season. During all this hunting season is going on making life a bit tougher for the animal. Then they proceed to fight through winter conditions in order to start the process all over again. During spring the animals testosterone is at its lowest point and will eventually have some weight lifted off his shoulders. At this point when the animal bounces back I go in search of the “Brown Gold”.

My products

From nature, to your home

Skinner blades for all your outdoor needs.

Hunting Knives

Anything from pairing knives to butchers blades.

Kitchen Knives

Keychains, hat racks, and all natural dog chews.


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